North & South Rotundas

The rotundas are architecturally beautiful small to medium-sized areas that are full of natural light by day and elegantly lit by night.

These spaces are perfect for small group meetings, receptions, brunches, wedding ceremonies, informal gatherings, unique meeting events and large event overflow areas.

Perhaps the most iconic parts of the Convention Center, the North & Southeastern Rotundas are a unique choice for intimate gatherings and daytime events, where guests can bask in the lovely glow of natural light beaming through the extra large windows that extend to the top of the 46-foot ceilings.  Plan your next small group event in one of the rotundas!

Rotunda Features

  • Banquet Style Seating Recommended
  • North Rotunda Seats Up To 140
  • South Rotunda Seats Up to 70
  • 2000 Sq Ft in North Rotunda
  • 1300 Sq Ft in South Rotunda
  • 46-Foot Ceilings
  • Large Windows with Natural Light
  • Easy Access from Parking Lots
  • Free Parking

Floorplans & Specs

Reserving the Rotundas

Interested in reserving one or both of the rotundas for your event? Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your needs, ideas & budget.